"I'm thinking of starting a podcast."

If this is something you've said, then you're a smarty pants. High five! There's NO BETTER TIME to start a podcast. Whether you're looking to build a brand or just build confidence, podcasting is a hugely powerful tool to create community, expand your reach and share your unique message with the world.

Let's take the first step together!

March 28th 9:30 am - 4:30pm in Burbank, CA

In this full day workshop, you'll get all the tools you need to get started on your very first podcast! 


What you'll learn:

• The two most important questions to ask yourself before launching a podcast.

• How to craft a message that stands out from the competition.

• The equipment and software you'll need to be successful.

• Where to DIY and when to outsource.

• Four ways to make money with your podcast.

• How to inspire ambassadors who will actively follow and share your show.

• How smaller, niche podcasts can be the key to success. 


There are over 650,000 podcasts on iTunes with new shows launching every day. But without an effective strategy and a clear plan of action, many shows fail to even get off the ground. Before you take the leap into podcasting, find out exactly what you need to be successful in this rapidly growing medium.

Hi, I'm Jackie.

I found my voice through podcasting and I can show you how to succeed, too.

I’ve worked for over two decades in TV + digital marketing creating content for women. I’ve produced + directed some of the most recognizable + innovative names in entertainment like Queen Latifah, Harry Connick Jr., Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Sharon Osbourne and so many more! But years ago, I realized that while I loved working in television, my true passion was creating original, compelling content for women. As a podcaster, award-winning blogger and on-air personality seen on GMA, The Today Show, CNN and more, I've been fortunate for the opportunity to tap into my own personal insight and voice to connect with women — online and in person — helping them find their own distinct voices and use that voice in a way that’s authentic and effective. I’m here to serve you and your goals and passions in a way that will help you create a life you love.

As seen on:


  • A full day of creative coaching

  • Clarity and direction through workshop exercises

  • Get clear on your mission, message and ideal audience

  • Connect and collaborate with other female entrepreneurs, experts and influencers like you!

  • Everything taken care of: Food, parking and materials provided



Wendy Miller

Wendy is the host of Sex Ed the Musical, a funny, empowering and honest sex advice show for women that offers helpful tips, interviews from the world's leading sex educators, nonjudgmental advice, solutions, comedic jingles and live call ins from listeners who are tired of settling for crappy sex lives. 

Candace Dalton

Come out of your spiritual closet and join Medium Candace Dalton for incredible conversations with amazing people just like you, from all around the globe. Candace gives validating, uplifting and healing messages from above to those in need. Get ready because Candace is an open book who's ready to share some weird and funny things that have happened in her life!

Sharon Brubaker

Sharon, a grief specialist, is cohost of Healing Starts with the Heart, a podcast she created along with her sister Erica Honore to help people around the world heal from loss. Sharon and Erica have turned their own personal losses into a passion project, helping so many others through their own grief. 


Yes, I'm IN!

"For about 5 years I was walking around with a podcast idea rattling around my head. I had no idea how to get started, no idea how to produce it and more importantly, no idea if anyone would want to hear my story. Jackie’s class answered all of my questions and so many more. With complete ease, she instills incredible confidence in you. She demystifies all of the scary technical concerns. She inspires you to make your ideas bigger than you ever imagined. Her class gives you the structure to completely discover your unique story, the courage to share it and then the pride to own it. With Jackie’s guidance, persistent prodding and endless support, my podcast went from a vague idea I was kicking around in my head, to going LIVE. 9 weeks after starting her class, my podcast premiered. Within the first week of being on iTunes, I was informed that it was charting at #153 out of the hundreds and hundreds of podcasts in my category. THAT IS UNIMAGINABLE. Except for Jackie, who predicted it all along. As women, we’re socialized to suppress our needs and especially our voices. Don't make waves. The fact is, we all have something powerful to say and creating your own podcast is the perfect platform for finding your voice and sharing it with the world. Literally. Take this class with the knowledge that Jackie will help you step-by-step in finding your true voice and then sharing it with the world. She told me, the possibilities for us are endless. She's right."

Wendy Miller
Sex Ed the Musical

"We studied, read books, and studied some more (and more) and realized that we knew nothing about podcasting. Our mission was to reach a specific niche, the first generation American Latina and never thought that a ginger born in Boston (we are Yankee girls) who now lives in sunny California would be the first person to really GET us. Jackie came in and taught us everything. She kept it real, called us out, and forced us to lose our biggest hurdle: fear. Her input and teachings were an integral part of our project. She was our coat of armor and gave us all the confidence we needed to start our podcast seamlessly. is no way we would have been able to launch without her. "

Elle and Liz
Oye Mami Show

"I have always wanted to launch a podcast but I always put it on the back burner because I didn't know even where to start! I'm 28 years old and not tech savvy at all. What kind of equipment would I use, how do I draw in an audience and would anyone even listen to my podcast? I was so excited to learn that Jackie was holding a podcast course ONLINE! This was a dream come true. I love being able to do things online from the comfort of my own home and I was having someone guide me to show me the ropes. I really looked forward to every week when we would get on a Zoom call and learn more about podcasting and what the next step was. My podcast has been such a success and I thank Jackie for all of her guidance, expertise and passion for helping others. I truly couldn't have done this without her. Every penny spent on this course was well worth it. "

Candace Dalton
Healing Grace, The Podcast

"When I signed up for Jackie’s podcast program, I was certain I would get what I needed from the perspective of podcasting preparation, and being ready to launch because Jackie is so knowledgeable in every aspect of podcasting from her years of TV producing. What I didn’t expect (and was very pleased by) was digging deep to process not only what I was offering and why, but the program also offered me the opportunity to work with someone who asked the important questions that helped me take my business to the next level. "

Maureen Miller
Living Life, Making Choices

If you've ever asked yourself...

Why would anyone want to listen to me? 

You have experience and a voice like no one else. There's an audience out there hungry for your expertise and unique point of view. 

What would I talk about? 

I've helped launch shows designed specifically for niche audiences. Whether it was an educational show for beginning entrepreneurs, a podcast for Christian moms or a show created to help women live their best sex lives ever, one thing was constant: My students know how to lean into their unique gifts and reach an audience who needs their creativity and leadership. 

What equipment do I need? 

We will do a deep dive into your personal set up and I'll provide recommendations to meet your needs and your budget. 

Do I need to be tech savvy? 

Yes and no. If your skills are limited to sending and receiving emails, we've got some work to do. But podcasting tech is completely doable when we approach it with clear plan of action. 

How do I even get started? 

You're one step close by reading this! Sign up for the workshop and let's do it!

Can I make money podcasting?

Absolutely. I'll teach your four key streams of revenue and how to get started from the beginning. 

This is where the fear kicks in. Oh yes, I’ve been there...

  • It can be terrifying to put yourself out there. What if they don’t like me? What if no one wants to hear what I have to say? There is NO ONE doing what they love who hasn’t thought that at one time or another.
  • If you show up. If you do the work. You WILL know once and for all if this is the medium for you. Podcasting has opened doors for my clients they never imagined were available to them.
  • There are people out there doing exactly what you want to do. Do you know why they’re successful? Hint: It’s not because they’re smarter or have more hours of the day.
  • Sure, there are over a half million podcasts out there. But guess what, NOT ONE of them has your voice and expertise. Do you really want to rob the world of your gifts?
  • I’ve worked with some of the most incredible talent in the world. And I’ve worked with some not-so-naturally-talented people. Guess what: I’ve found that those that show up ready to work and who are coachable end up having the most success.

Join me for this special one day event and let's make magic happen!


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