Find your Voice and Share it ... through the Power of Podcasting

In 8 weeks or less, I'll take you from DREAMING to LAUNCHING your podcast, with my proven step-by-step formula. 


You have something to say that people need to hear.

Whether you’re an expert or entrepreneur looking to build your brand, or just want to share your message in a meaningful way, there is no better time to start a podcast.
If you're ready to position yourself as the expert you are, turn listeners into raving fans and create a massive impact on your community and beyond ... 

A proven program that will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating and growing a successful podcast around your expertise or passion.

Let me guess...

You’ve considered starting a podcast. 
But then you started looking into what it entails and OMG... it’s OVERWHELMING!
All of the self doubt comes crashing down.


You've thought...

πŸ‘Ž I'm not tech savvy enough.
πŸ‘Ž I don't know where to begin. 
πŸ‘Ž Someone's already doing what I want to do, why should I bother? 

Launching a podcast is a big deal.

The whole process can be daunting! Back in 2009, I had been creating and marketing content for TV and the web for almost two decades and was still freaked out at jumping into this powerful medium. 

But bigger than my fear was my desire to be a part of something special. How people were consuming media was rapidly changing and I knew podcasting was about to explode.

So I took a leap and not only learned what I needed to launch a show, but produced and co-hosted a show that featured some of the biggest names in pop culture including best selling authors, celebrities, newsmakers and news breakers. Before I knew it, our show was featured online, in print and even on TV. 

Whether you're ready to create an effective marketing tool for your business, or want to build a brand from the ground up...

I've got you.

I can help you leverage your expertise in a way that will get you noticed and help you surpass your wildest dreams.   

You could keep thinking about it.



Hi, I'm Jackie!

As seen on...

I’ve worked for over two decades in TV + digital marketing creating content especially for women. I’ve produced + directed some of the most recognizable + innovative names in entertainment like Queen Latifah, Harry Connick Jr., Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Sharon Osbourne and so many more!
Through my vast experience, I've discovered my true passion, creating original, compelling content and teaching other creatives how to do the same!
As a podcaster, award-winning blogger and on-air personality seen on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN and more, I've tapped into my own personal insight and voice to connect with women, helping them find their own distinct voices and use their voice in a way that’s authentic and impactful.
I’m here to help you rock your goals and uncover your passion in a way that will help you create a life -- and business -- you LOVE.


"Jackie's class gives you the structure to completely discover your unique story, the courage to share it and then the pride to own it."

Wendy Miller
Sex Ed the Musical

I’m gonna give it to you straight.

You could spend the next year researching and planning and second-guessing yourself (that sounds fun).
Or you can kick some butt NOW with this PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP program custom designed to help you get super clear on your own personal message and reach that special audience waiting to hear what only you can provide.


Learn at your own pace with this proven step-by-step formula to create and grow a successful podcast.


βœ” Be Different. Be YOU. 

Creating a flippin' good podcast is more than knowing the nuts and bolts. It’s pulling out the most unique, badass YOU and  helping you stand.

βœ” Find Your Squad and Give 'em What They Want! 

We're not just attracting listeners, but ambassadors on the edge of their seats waiting for your next episode. 

βœ” Create Your Home Studio

I’ve worked with voices behind some of the most memorable characters from commercials, animation and video games. Did you know many of them record right in their closet, nestled among the clothes and other personal items? Yup. We all have a studio in our home, I’ll help you find that perfect spot to create the best audio quality possible.

βœ” Build Momentum

You'll learn how to leverage relationships and your existing community to create excitement around your launch and beyond. Stand out, grow your network of raving fans and incorporate real feedback into your marketing strategy.

βœ” Consistently Create Quality Content

Launching is the easy part. We will create systems that align with your own unique gifts and within your own demanding schedule. It is possible!

"Jackie has the innate ability to get right to the crux of issues, helping move obstacles out of your way to ensure your highest level of success. If you are ready to take your dream to the next level, don’t waste time with podcast DIY videos, just call Jackie!"

Kim Goldman
Confronting O.J. Simpson


βœ” 8 Modules & over 30 Audio Lessons to guide you from dreaming to launching.
βœ” Downloadable Cheat sheets, checklists and done-for-you templates. This alone will save you so much time and money! I've done the prep work for you!
βœ” 24/7 access to the program to work through at your own pace. 
βœ” Downloadable audio lessons so you can listen on the go. 
βœ” Private Facebook community where you can ask questions, connect with other podcasters and share your show with others who’ve taken the same path to podcasting.


Module 1: Lay the Foundation 
Module 2: Creating Assets
Module 3: Outlining and Writing 
Module 4: Getting the Tech Right 
Module 5: Production Workflow
Module 6: Marketing 
Module 7: Monetization 
Module 8: Creating Systems 
⭐PLUS⭐ You'll also get instant access to Start the Right Podcast - with four audio lessons and a 10 page downloadable workbook!
I promise you'll come away with a clear outline of your superpowers, your audience, your vision, and the next steps to getting your podcast launched. 

I know what you might be thinking. I’ve been there...

It can be terrifying to put yourself out there.

πŸ’£ What if they don’t like me?
πŸ’£ What if no one wants to hear what I have to say?
πŸ’£ There is NO ONE doing what they love who hasn’t thought that at one time or another.


I am here to tell you...

If you show up. If you do the work. It WILL happen for you.

🎧 Podcasting can open doors you never even imagined were available to you. I have clients who've gotten speaking gigs, book agents and incredible, unexpected opportunities. 
🎧 There are people out there doing exactly what you want to do. Do you know why they’re successful? Hint: It’s not because they’re smarter or have more hours of the day.
🎧 There are almost one million podcasts out there. But guess what, NONE of them has YOUR voice and expertise. 
🎧 I’ve worked with some of the most incredible talent in the world. And I’ve worked with some not-so-naturally-talented people. Guess what: I’ve found that those who are coachable and show up ready to work definitely see the most success.

"My podcast has been such a success and I thank Jackie for all of her guidance, expertise and passion for helping others. I truly couldn't have done this without her. "

Candace Dalton
Healing Grace, The Podcast








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